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It is not strange we find someone changes his sunglasses when he changes his wear. Sunglasses make a a bold fashion statmment, with an increasing number of people using them to enhance their looks, not just to keep the sunlight at day. It has even become fashionable to wear shades to late-night parties.

We produce 2,000,000 sunglasses per year. Every winter, we show our new designs to our clients for the next sales season. Now there are more than 300 kinds of sunglasses available. No matter pragmaticist or romantic, you will sure find some of our sunglasses suitable and lovable.

We make our catalogues as JPG pictures. We can send our catalogues to you by e-mail. It is highly welcome to contact us for sunglasses. Your fax or e-mail to our sales manager will be with our immediate attention.

The following are some samples of our sunglasses:

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Versace: Gianni Versace sunglasses brand has always been carried on the beautiful, sexy and luxurious style, the emphasis on artistic expression at the same time pay more attention to the romantic atmosphere of joy, fully demonstrates the charm of transparency. "-Style high-tech injection molding to create a gradual color transparent plate mirror arm, Medusa "head hidden in the details of moving a mirror inside the arm; absolute permeability of thin lenses, fully implement the transparency of the current popular index.

Prada: 1931 was founded in Milan, Italy, co-founder Mario Prada created garments and other goods have a good reputation among the aristocracy by the royal family members of all ages. Later, his family took over all operations to become the beginning of innovation. Prada is always a challenge to innovation, the introduction of the concept is for those people who really love fashion and design. Prada glasses launched in 1999 series, for those who like fashion top 25-30 year-old men and women.
Natural color, as well as other unified Prada has created the latest products. This part was used in sunglasses titanium, sheet titanium have also used the box, but there is still significant as far as possible the characteristics of thin and elastic. In general, simple, pure, innovative use of lightweight materials and new technologies, innovative lens ring, as well as by the patent owner the exclusive Prada design, new features in 2004, and color, some black, intermediate colors, white and so on.

Ferragamo: Italian brand Ferragamo has always been famous for its quality footwear famous paragraph. Audrey - Hepburn, Sophia - Roland, Marilyn - Marilyn Monroe, Madonna and now Zhang Ziyi, Ferragamo forged with a "Cinderella."
After the death of founder Salvatore Ferragamo, who inherited the family tradition of working together in 1998 with the world's largest production and sales of glasses tica Rosario Group (Luxottica) to design, manufacture and marketing of optical frames and sunglasses.
Salvatore Ferragamo sunglasses usually show a gas division. Its smooth lines of the frame, a special metal color processing, the production and touch with a temperament.

Ray-Ban (Le Pen): is a synonym for sunglasses.
As early as 1930, John - Boss and Henry - Quilombo company co-operated by the U.S. Army Air Force commission, successfully developed the world's first deputy to protect the pilot's eyes, green lens sunglasses, not only to prevent while anti-glare UV, visual clarity is also able to maintain good vision, much of the United States welcomed the pilots, Air Force and was named as the "leader." In 1937, the company official to the market such glasses, and changed its name to "Ray-Ban". Ray for the glare, Ban that is blocked, then, Ray-Ban has gradually become the world's sunglasses block the glare of the pronoun.
Five-Star General when the United States Mike - Arthur is wearing Ray-Ban. During the Second World War, Ray-Ban lens was the Government standards for sunglasses, the sunglasses did the U.S. Air Force combat mission to bring a lot of convenience, some people even said that Ray-Ban is the second largest one of the military victory of the hero.
In 1979 in the movie "Blues Brothers", the Elwood and Jack, wearing Ray-Ban's "Traveler" sunglasses, singing their melodious tune Bruce, followed in the "Top Gun," "Batman," "break Arrow, "" Star-Men, "" Pearl Harbor "the movie, can see the Ray-Ban style.
Ray-Ban style is eternal design, simple style, fashion does not deliberately, but the enduring classic style. Younger new style, in which there is no shortage of stable feeling.
Ray-Ban is famous for the quality of the lenses of high-quality, mainly in glass, shading effect is very good, all Ray-Ban can block 100% of harmful ultraviolet, infrared screening and other harmful rays, and now more than a polarizing film, light on the eyes and alleviate a lot of damage.
At home can buy Ray-Ban is the most suitable for Asian style to wear, the lens color to green-oriented.

By Romeo: the names of songs from the Italian "My Sun" (Italian time to do "Sole mio"). The pursuit of young, stylish, vibrant, colorful, rebellious, specifically for young people 17 to 22-year-old design. Color lens, double-sided plating mercury, one lens design, Swarovski crystals, natural pearls and other international elements to join, the Sole mio sunglasses will not just be satisfied with a simple shading effect, but also with clothing, hair, makeup, etc. synchronized fashion.

Montblanc (MONT BLANC): 1906 was born in Hamburg, Germany, the meticulous style of the brand by like the Europeans. The prevalence and grade of both brands, the use, including gold, silver, rhodium, titanium, manganese and other rare and precious materials, processing technology is to ensure the quality, but also about the beautiful appearance, superior performance, exceptional quality.

Picasso: a unique design, the frame border with Spain, both the noble and beautiful classical, romantic Paris, the simple and smooth, with Japan's high-tech welding technology, into the unique art of Picasso, the allocation of From the trend of wear in the cutting-edge, demonstrated an independent personality.

Founded in 1977, started in clothing design, known as: "the Italian fashion roses." Focus on embodied reborn like a charm and the romantic temperament, exquisite design, elegant and fully embodies the charming and elegant woman, full of retro style glasses of the limited number of brands for collection.

tiririne: French designers tiririne name, pay attention to clothing and jewelry with the hope that the provision of clothing tiririne culture, display the unique charm of personality, at the same time, the pursuit of high-precision technology make it difficult to imitate copy,.

in 1945, Roberta di Camerino was founded in Venice, Italy, for 30 to 50-year-old urban upper middle class and rich people, the adoption of the European classics, and the top of the charm and luxurious design, beautiful colors to create sophisticated models of the epidemic. Its products are corrosion-resistant, anti-allergy, such as the new framework for a very long time, the use of sunglasses imported Italian CR-39 lenses.

Capello: Male proprietary brand, originated in 1972, found the master of the bronze statue of two CAPRIO, 1999, the Italian Phoenix to commemorate this great discovery, the creation of this brand, the main products include shoes, gloves, tool kit and glasses. LOGO relative use of two-letter C, which cross the representative of God's admiration.

Ania Origin of name: A Artist (artists); N Nimble (agile, smart); I Invent (inventors, creators) A Aulure (charm, attractive). The Brand followed the romantic European style, our simple, comfortable, elegant

Design concept, and its positioning in the consumer group sunglasses sensitive fashion, the performance of female white-collar self. At the same time, the human body according to the East of the arc-shaped head, simulation and design of the frame corresponding Globoidal and curvature to wear for Asians.

St. Paul: its lenses from seven different special materials produced, the polarized lenses and precision optical arc are based on principles of design, and enhanced handling, scratch-resistant and not easily broken deformation. Dark-colored lenses, steady middle-aged men by the style of the favorite.



Prada brand denotes high-quality products that combine an innovative approach, with a strong tradition of craftsmanship.

For Prada, the nexus of all that is unquestionable quality, which applies to all stages of the process, from design to the choice of materials, from production to retail sales, from advertising strategies of communication. All this is intended to create a "value chain" that generates "total quality".

This precision is never ostentatious, but it shows the attention to detail that gives you a single attractive and desirable for all products by Prada.

Sophisticated and elegant, Prada products are characterized by a unique personality and style.

Once again we find these qualities in glasses Prada presents the new "Sun" and "Optical" collections.


The forms are refined and smooth and sexy or attractive assertive, while experimenting with materials, acetate contrast with the metal. Together, this defines the new Prada eyewear.

One of the most important collection of ornaments is the original Prada logo, with the coat of arms and knots of the House of Savoy, the royal family of Italy Prada, which was the official supplier since 1913. The logo appears in full or in part in the temple or the front, acetate or metal.

One must take special note of the new "Saffire" effect is achieved through a special process that gives the appearance of ships of signature Prada skin.


Model SPR03H
Lightweight, injection molding Grylamid frame, adorned with a metal decoration in the temple town, which gives way to a complex, arrow-shaped plaque engraved with the Prada logo. The table is available in two tone combinations of natural shade such as black smoke, tortoiseshell-soy and camel sand.

Models SPR04H / SPR05H
Very large pens available in tortoiseshell acetate or the new "Saffire" effect material and in shades of black or dark brown. Characterized by a metal logo Savoia in September between the front and temple.

Model SPR09H
A soft, sensual, mono-crystalline mask framed by a polished metal ring. The new metal plate extends from the front, with openings in temples.
The colors range from classic black, white and soft tones of tortoiseshell, and camels, and the new gray dappled mauve.

Model SPR54H
A model of elegant men in the grinding of metal, with openings in the bridge and temples for a more lightweight. The sides of the nose and the bridge is decorated with an exquisite decoration on the ground. Available in classic black, silver, gun metal, bronze and gold.

Model SPR55H
Metal structure with double-deck, which is characterized by a triangular, acetate piece (also available in the new "Saffire" material effect), established by the metal plate that bears the logo of the lens that connects to the temple. Available in silver or bronze metallic and black, tortoiseshell or camel acetate.

Model SPR57H
Extra-large, single-lens with a strong face-hugging shape. The front of the brass rim on the temple of perfection, which form a triangle only decoration that bears the logo of Prada. Silver, gold or graphite or metal is associated with full glasses available in charcoal, bark or green shades.

Model SPR62H
A reinterpretation of the Prada logo emblem of Savoy and nodes form the metal tip of this new discipline. The nodes of the House of Savoy adorn the sides of the face, these goggles with a soft, feminine and sophisticated touch.

Model SPR75G
A reinterpretation of the classic aviator style sunglasses in 1950, but with a metal fence face an arrow with a decorative motif engraved logo. The two arms flaunts assertive tone combinations like black, blue or white and red pairs with more delicate, as the tortoise with soybeans.


A more sophisticated and refined, the Dolce & Gabbana Eyewear collection distinguishes itself once again for its originality in style and quality of the product.
Innovative materials, excellence and detail, refined trimmings, logos, which must be minimized, or appear to show the brand's unmistakable personality, these are the elements that make up the collection and the new Sun, which give a sense, a condition of exclusivity and refinement, the Dolce & Gabbana aficionados are accustomed to.
Future-oriented, innovative and unexpected, this collection is marked with a variety of forms, refined materials and innovative elements: acetate plastic, with a significant strength in precious metals, the latest generation of a non-reflective glass lenses.
Shapes are refined and linear for men more curvaceous and sexy women.
Stylish collection of alternates classic colors, innovative and sophisticated tones.

WOMEN'S Sunday

DG 6043
Model with a wide, gently wrap-around shape designed for a woman to love to express themselves in a unique and sensual femininity. The arms have a metal layer, and outside, which creates a bright silhouette. Contrast of the arms between the distinctiveness of plastic inside and outside the metal. Original color combinations are offered: a gold / black, silver / tobacco, silver / white, silver / red, silver / army green, silver / pink nude. Directorate-General for the initial letters in unmistakable changes, Dolce & Gabbana logo on the inside of arms is a shiny silver metal applications.

DG 2035
Light and delicately refined feminine frame featuring the structure, which alternates the plastic and metal parts evenly. Thin arms and reveal the initials DG tapered binds the two metal brackets that create 3-dimensional effect. Thin plastic bands wrap around the outline of the front and are offered in different colors, ranging from nude to black pearl pink and gray, and white and tobacco, Scarlet Red.

DG 2031
Feminine model, which is clearly winning, solid construction featuring a combination of metal materials with the exchange of electricity with the solid-colored plastic. The plastic explosive weapons are hooked to the lenses, apply the rear sheet metal, and are decorated with classical DG initials crossed and protruding slightly. A large number of colors is offered distinctive character has a strong impact. In several places the silver out of the front is combined with red or black inside, and the same rotation of the colors are repeated in the temples. The result is a frame, which is unique for all your own.

Men's Sunday

DG 6031
Glasses is a serious, linear design features, the precious metal decoration in silver, gold or Gunmetal the weapons with the Dolce & Gabbana logo engraved inside. Wrap-around line of the frame and the application of the lenses in a non-reflective glass to ensure comfort and stability, and vision, which is always clear and protected. The range of colors including classic black and dark tobacco, and a new army tones green and blue.

DG 4030
Acetate model designed for classical amore male audience, inspired by the traditional style and elegance. Color Palette, which is available in tones of warm light, red and dark tobacco, to strengthen the link to the traditional and timeless style. The model does not show the brand Dolce & Gabbana, instead of a metal logo on Dolce & Gabbana, written entirely in silver, gold or Gunmetal, is hidden inside the arm. Essential for the design and application of glass lenses to create a high value of this framework.

DG 2029
Pilot Scheme is designed to shape the public man, but is also suitable for a female audience. A broad front is a thin metal is adorned with a double bridge clear plastic ornaments to follow the outline of the lens to ensure comfort and excellent fit. This combination of materials creates a highly original combination of classical and modern. Reference to the aviation world for this model, which takes inspiration is becoming increasingly clear that the silver and gold versions of the light in combination with silver and bronze mirrored lenses. In addition to gold and silver, this design is available in Bronze and Gunmetal.

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