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Plastic spectacle frame is always a good choice to children and students. Our company is not only the leading producer of plastic & combination spectacle frames but also the main supplier of ejection molds.
The following are some samples of our plastic & combination spectacle frames:

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Since its establishment, the rapid development of the domestic sales network coverage across the mainland now. Products include: memory metal, titanium metal, plastic plate with a full range of light aircraft. Product Positioning in: young, middle-aged consumers, covering, the upmarket, fashion avant-garde style, the use of materials for product research, rigorous process.

With the improvement of living standards, the requirements of the glasses have become more sophisticated, today, just walked into a glasses shop, glasses you may have noticed that the family had many new faces and more.

Said first color, the color of glasses before it can be said for just a few, gold, silver, black behind it. Can now, colorful, pink, dark green, light gray, blue, gun color, etc., not all glasses are in the "Phnom Penh" in the. More popular this year as light brown, dark blue and some other "alternative" colors.

Followed by talk about style glasses, which over the past few years, spectacle frames become less and less, even as small as just such a great eye, and in previous years, the kind of big thick edge of the box has been hard to find traces of the glasses; frame shape also "unusual," no longer "a square man, ladies round." more popular this year, the shape of the flat oval-shaped, polygon edges and corners, as well as other more specific square and oval-shaped, very popular with the public, especially young people the like.

Frames once again to talk about the material, with the high-tech development, the material frames tend to be more and more high-tech and is now the most popular titanium frame, titanium metal is widely used in the military field, space aviation and other high-tech fields, so glasses can be said to be a bit "wast", but titanium and its alloys used for frames with unparalleled advantage in the other alloys. Light, corrosion-resistance, toughness and long service life and so many advantages that make it almost an ideal state of the material, but its a bad place is more expensive at current prices, the general public can not afford to, I believe that the near future, this material will eventually become the Kingdom of glasses, "darling."

Concluded that the lens material, resin film has now accounted for more than half of glasses Jiangshan films, with the continuous improvement of modern technology, resin films to reduce costs, more and more people do not deserve it again can not the safety of glass films, is now generally popular lens diaphragm is the resin increases, the increase of the film generally increases subdural and antireflection coating (AR coating that is) and other anti-UV coating. Many people are also increasing awareness of glasses to see clearly not only what is itself an important aspect of dress.

In fact, not only for the glasses to see the world, it also has many other functions, such as: protection, health care, the role of aesthetics and so on.

Country of origin: France
Producing countries: France
Sales Country: all countries in the world
Series goods: eyewear, apparel, leather
Frame Material: sheet metal, metal materials
Commodity characteristics: double-foot mirror and a unique multi-level large plate technology, to allow the frame to show the level of a sense of color is for the new features. In order to make the frame more lightweight, and a sense of flow lines in the box with the mirror hinge pin has been replaced. The market for the last frame of the stereotypes, the lack of design sense and personal style, designers to break through the tradition of the past, into the modern and avant-garde concept, create an alternative style for the frame.

Brand: Celine Dion Celine Dion
Brand Introduction:
Celine Dion is a very successful pop singer, and may also be the most widely familiar with the history of the French Canadian singer. Celine Dion over the past few years the issue of records, won numerous music awards. In the past three years, her record sales of more than 60 million worldwide. 1 of 1998 "TITANIC Titanic" theme song - "the heart will never stop," is sweeping the world, well-known. She also hung throughout the nineties, according to the pop music top the list, become a time without two days of music, is a super international star.
Celine Dion Eyes of the birth of the women on behalf of glasses is the rebirth of the market. 101 Design Studio, Hong Kong are very fortunate to have Celine Dion as a series of new products of the glasses. Together with its distribution partner in China - Beijing Core Chisholm glasses Co., Ltd., will join this new brand into the Chinese market.

Commodity description:
Celine Dion Glasses series is simple, elegant, comfortable won a furnace, the combination of traditional and modern double. This series of products including metal frame and plastic frame. Product design in order to elaborate, detailed-oriented, with particular emphasis on product quality. High-quality, stressing a sense of fashion products, unique design without publicity, to create a unique setting female charm, so that every customer can have a beautiful female side, at the same time to manifest a different personality of each person. The glasses to show the times series of unique and extraordinary women, women will interpret the taste and infinite charm.
The use of harmonious design, to create a series of modern, innovative but elegant products conform to no conventional pattern, full of modern ideas, with the era of color women, full of charm. This series of products in order to achieve the effect of wearing comfort, to wear are clean, simple feeling, but at the same time full of modern times bring out the pretty face of women. Fashion products with different colors and different shapes of the frame for the different tastes of those who choose to show the unique personal taste. Vice-frame for each foot of the mirror has the design characteristics, the inlaid silver or gold standard Celine signs, in each of the glasses on the end of the left leg. This unique design, no doubt even more charm to the product.


Brand names: CHOPARD
Country of origin: Switzerland
Producing countries: Austria
Sales Country: all countries in the world
Series goods: eyewear, watches, pens
Frame Material: K Kim
Commodity characteristics: Chopin Table has become a world-renowned brand, its products are the world's 50 countries have recognized the high taste and love. Has always advocated a unique taste of Chopin's top brands, including a series of K pure gold, gold jewelry and fine frame glasses,Design and Technology to provide a unique taste of high society the choice of the most carefully.


Brand: DAKS Leadis
Place of origin: United Kingdom
On behalf of commodity: an umbrella, leather goods, eyewear, accessories
Brand Introduction:
1, with the British royal name of the shop DAKS, is Britain's largest clothing company, its products are men's or women has been a representative of celebrities and ladies;
2, DAKS clothing produced by the following characteristics:
to grid lines to the main axis;
material the use of certain natural materials, such as: silk, cotton, wool, hemp, etc.;
Because of its lines for fall and winter seasons, so the country in terms of the landing, is the season in the autumn and winter;

Country of origin: Italy
Producing countries: Italy, Japan
Sales Country: all countries in the world
Series goods: eyewear, apparel, leather goods, jewelry
Frame Material: sheet metal, metal alloy
Commodity characteristics:
Main on this brand sunglasses, because sunglasses among young people is quite frequent attention and use of life jewelry, so we can see changes in style sunglasses are many, mainly young people are fond of in order to meet the ever-changing personality, but also to maintain the existing ARMANI elegant taste, and a young and dynamic style, therefore, whether young or just young people into the community, young people are fans of this brand.

Brand names: GIORDANO (Giordano)
Designer: Mr Lai-ying
Country of origin: Hong Kong
Producing countries: Hong Kong
Sales Country: Asian countries
Series goods: glasses, casual clothes, sports shoes, bags
Frame material: high nickel alloys, nickel chromium alloy, cellulose acetate
Characteristics of goods: in order to fine lines and simple forms for face frame, with the LOGO to be fine lines to reflect changes in the foot more than the design and a wide range of flower color choices, in order to show a young, lively, harmonious design focus. Targeted at young people 12-35 years old groups, pursuit of novelty and variety of design preferences, and the spending power of young people to meet the price and "value for money" prices
Industry, the concept of supply of goods.

Country of origin: Italy
Producing countries: Italy, Japan
Sales Country: all countries in the world
Series goods: eyewear, apparel, leather goods, jewelry, perfume
Frame Material: metal alloys, sheet metal
Commodity characteristics: the design of optical glasses is the first time this year in spring and summer, the box shape is based on the latest new
cat-eye (new cat; eyes) for the design of the focus, and the upper edge of the box part of face is
So frown-shaped decorative jewelry; solid and far-reaching values, and constantly striving for perfection, making goods
Quality, details, try out new material, ideas and other parts of life are to meet the sophisticated and ultra -
Comfort as the supreme principle.

Brand: GUESS? Guess
Brand Source: New York, United States
Related products: clothing, accessories, eyewear, underwear, home fu, swimwear
Brand Introduction: sexy, young, adventurous brand of physical, as the "GUESS?" The general course of the creation of the brand. MARCIANO young lives of four brothers, unwilling to be confined to the south of France map, one yearn for the United States, four brothers flew in 1971 flight to the United States, California, arrived in the United States and the West, where they fell in love with the sun and the sea, the current decision in this one into a strange land the world. 1981, MARCIANO four brothers depression hit the United States apparel industry, period, but the tight first, "Monroe-type" female has a pair of jeans will be sold out overnight. 80's was a colorful era of color, "GUESS?" Side and different, according to a large number of shooting black-and-white propaganda, it is always the way with a spirit of adventure, as if to tell the public "GUESS? Question will be what is the surprising thing ? "was created, such as black and white photographs and CLAUDIA SCHIFFER, such as ANNA NICOLE SMITH supermodel.
Brand Name: BOSS HUGO BOSS (Boss)
Country of origin: Germany
Producing countries: Japan
Sales Country: all countries in the world
Series goods: eyewear, apparel, watches, perfumes, leather goods, ties
Frame Material: Titanium Alloy, alloy, titanium, sheet metal
Commodity characteristics:
Holy, powerful style, is given to men to wear glasses BOSS image. This series of eyewear products to simple broad-brush-based, highlighting the high quality of the material, but also set off the authority of the men wear the image and personal style. Glasses with the actual function, not just a decoration, BOSS glasses comfortable and durable, easy to wear with nature, not an additional burden to feel in order to experience its value.

Brand: LANCEL Portland Poetry
Origin: Japan
Brand Source: France, the well-known international brands, since 1876 there has been 120 years of business history, marketing the world's 73 metropolitan country, an array of its products, and leather accessories, eyewear, watches, neckties, belts, and senior ceramics, in There are many shops in Paris, France, of which the world-famous Champs-hui and the Arc de Triomphe with India, especially in the evening sunset in the public and tourists Avenue alcohol drinking coffee, looking eye to the street signs LANCEL this is even more famous Brand HUAI feeling love and joy.
Material: alloy frame a new sub-general; new gold alloy frame; titanium frame series; pure gold series frame; pure IP frame;
Plating: Plating 3.5MIC KGP pure IP vacuum ion plating, electroplating time up to 8 hours in line in the outer color will never fade;
Features (the chief object):
Generous, traditions, rich state,
Sales skills (selling point):
Distinguished with high status and social identity, the gentleman, elegant lady who

Brand Name: MCM
Designer: MICHEAL CROMER (Cher to Mount Caramel)
Country of origin: Germany
Producing countries: Japan
Sales Country: all countries in the world
Series goods: eyewear, apparel, shoes, golf equipment supplies, table
Frame Material: Titanium alloy
Characteristics of goods: MCM is the founder of Micheal Cromer with its origin in Munich (Munich) acronym, also on behalf of this brand of faith in the three Modern Creation Munich
Noble letter on behalf of the crown with flowers, has become the brand's LOGO, with a high degree of design, rather than complex, has been refined in the spirit of hard work at the cutting-edge fashion.

Brand: MOSCHINO Click
On behalf of goods: clothing
General goods: perfumes, accessories, leather goods, glasses
Brand Introduction:
1, MOSCHINO born in 1950 in northern Italy, after the age of 18 during the day and service modeling, painting courses at night to study and later GIANI VERSACE designer to appreciate the writing style, please illustrations he was responsible for clothing;
2, 1983 the formal establishment of their own brands, when he decided to use humor to ridicule the way interesting was the prevalence of rules, but SMILE (smile) and PEACE (peace) has been sending is MOSCHINO two symbols, it is "Austrian"and" Popeye octocarinatus faction "respectively, he became the women's and men's understanding of the representative;
3, at the same time it is MOSCHINO environmental protection and ecological protection of the practice, he even the slogan printed on the design of his clothes, or books on the animals on the logo printed on the clothing;
MOSCHINO unfortunately died in 1994 at the age of only 44 years old, can be described as premature death of the fashion world is a great loss;

Brand: BYBLOS completed
On behalf of goods: clothing
General merchandise: tie, jeans, glasses
Brand Introduction:
1, BYBLOS designers and ARNARUDO GIROMBELI brother SERGO GIROMBELLI, they are the French in Italy, so there are BYBLOS bold romantic taste of France;
2, BYBLOS brand switching in 1981, the appointment of a graduate of London Royal College of Art designers KETHVRTY, tradition in the United Kingdom's accession to the Italian taste, in the ultra-flow line, free and easy Haofang quality refined design, the constant introduction of new products, Ying to a new future;
3, BYBLOS in the design of the frame to the community concerned about environmental protection will be applied to sea turtle Miao color box, the
Including sunglasses, and silver and dark bronze metal frame also, the
Recently introduced the metal and plastic combination Miao, taking advantage of two kinds of materials clever design a new frame.

Brand: PYRAMID (Orion)
Manufacturers: Optical Industry Co., Ltd. Xiamen Huamao
1. A full range of high-level framework for the use of nickel-manganese alloy feet were high-level sheet metal assembly more noble.
2. A full range of teachers from the European design popular in Europe simultaneously.
3. ISO-9002 international quality assurance system certified factory manufacturing, quality guaranteed.

Brand names: SILHOUETTE
Designer: Design Mission
Country of origin: Austria
Producing countries: Austria
Sales Country: all countries in the world
Series goods: glasses
Frame Material: Metal material, sheet metal, titanium, plastic
Commodity characteristics: One year to launch 60-70 new box, sheet metal box to ladies feet and metal surface is a combination of the characteristics of sheet metal rich and bright colors; retro box to simple lines, innovative design concepts and materials known for delicate .

TOMORROW CLUB Club tomorrow
Brand Source: Paris, France
Brand story:
SONIA RYKIEL image of the mysterious, do not like their date of birth on the exposed, with a fluffy red hair, pale face and red lips, red hair color she loved and respected
Black, general Witch. The courage to pursue her love of life and independence of attitude, but also she was elected to the "top ten best woman personality" in the early nine O Japan
Worship of women "feminist" icon.
SONIA RYKIEL maverick character in the story unfolds in its clothing is no doubt that she will not blindly follow the so-called mainstream. Back to the "knitting queen" during the design of O in seven of her first sweater close at hand, "I remember that not all people agree with my idea, but I did, because I think this kind of sweater , who will wear them in women more beautiful, "the insistence of the results of this intuition is not only to allow the creation of numerous SONIA RYKIEL will be filled with sexy, with emphasis on the freedom of the clothing, creating a more successful SONIA RYKIEL female characteristics and is full of infinite romantic SONIA Kingdom RYKIEL products.
"Style, it comes from deep inside your soul, but not everyone can have it." SONIA RYKIEL personal qualities are in the design of clothing when the most important part of that, so she was always hope that from the clothing of the season with the skills to explore and revel in the fun of dressing.
In France, SONIA RYKIEL family enterprise is one of the few clothing companies. Ms. SONIA RYKEL family has deep feelings, not only his daughter and son-in-law involved in the company a lot of work, more of their children and grandchildren to develop children's series, and home accessories is based on her experience of family life produced by the design.
Her glasses are designed by many women one of the favorite brand, whether it is the delicate color of the plastic box Miao, or through the cloisonne compact color of the frame, so wear it all the more attractive women.

Place of origin: United Kingdom
The representative of commodities: tobacco, lighters
Brand products: pens, watches, clothing, cosmetics, jewelry, leather goods
Brand story:
1. ALFIED DUNHILL at the beginning of this century is still a small tobacco vendors, but he is a customer service and innovative spirit, he urged his own from time to time (to keep abreast of what customers want? Buy what?) DUNHILL Therefore the near future tobacco shop on the famous gradually.
2. The First World War, London there is a rumor, the soldiers can not be used due to rain and the match can not smoke, and therefore bad morale, DUNHILL this very seriously, so the study continued in 1924 invented a readily available fuel, and one can point with a lighter and lighter, therefore DUNHILL has been first-class brand.
3. DUNHILL pens and watches are also quite outstanding, he first of all, the concept of break the ball-point pen tube to introduce legislation into the octagonal face and body and unique pens, watches early DUNHILL using Roman numerals, and are retro-type, this is a major characteristics.
4. DUNHILL all the goods only designed for men, so the brand in the minds of the status of men is not easy to be replaced.

Brand names: BVLGARI
Country of origin: Italy
Producing countries: Italy, Japan
Series goods: eyewear, watches, leather goods, scarves, perfumes, silverware
Frame Material: 18K gold, titanium alloys, sheet metal
Commodity characteristics:
BVLGARI special attention in the design of spectacle frames, the demands of the age pyramid is the top of the upper class people, are limited production models, the use of color is not very practical conventional flow, very suitable for the pursuit of the popular Queen gentleman; box in bold face mature trend, in the material, color, shape, or rather on the overall performance of the coordination of balance, so that these goods are now more suitable for fashion and taste of the people.

Brand names: FERRE (Ferry)
Country of origin: Italy
Producing countries: Italy
Series goods: eyewear, apparel, jewelry, perfumes, leather goods, shoes
Frame Material: nickel-copper alloys, cellulose acetate
Commodity characteristics:
Apparel sector in the name of great Ferry, he designed not only shocked the international fashion industry,
More to consolidate his position in the popular. Ferry over the years is the first for the young and a
There fashion sense of men and women of Generation X have been designed for the brand, emphasizing the design of simple lines,
The performance of a new, young, vibrant, a beautiful young wisdom.

Brand: CHRISTTLAN DIOR Christina. Di Oh
Brand Source: Paris, France
Brand Introduction:
CHRISTTIAN DIOR into the traditional clothing of the revolution of modernism in a very important designer in the 50's he created the "H-LINE" "A-LINE" contour lines, now have a deep impact on The design concept of modern designers. CD design talent, as his passion for art, are born, the fashion industry giant creative inspiration from the mother, she wore skirts rustle around and at the time of the perfume smell was released into the atmosphere with haiku further in his memory. He introduced the first series of "COROLLE" ... ... like the dress started petals, slender waist and plump chest line, that is, the image of his mother's body has, and the development of this style of fashion in the formal sector as a major one incident.
February 12, 1974, CD of the first fashion show in Paris, Monte Avenue, was held at the Law 30. Editor in chief of fashion magazine Harper if the history of the fashion show on claims "CD to subvert the traditional, and fashion into the new revolution." A "new vision" was born, and lead the people into an elegant and beautiful era. From that day on, CD started to design the world's most famous woman apparel: Marilyn. Di Cui g, Rita Hayworth, Duchess of Windsor, the Queen and other Bao. CD's creativity is not only the world know, not only confined to the senior set of uniforms and personal clothing exclusive design, but also contains a wide range of other areas, and printed with "DIOR" logo products: such as perfume, glasses, tie , leather, female underwear, jewelry, watches ... ... CD is the first designer to become TIME magazine's cover!
CD style glasses from the careful design of the carved details peck, innovative technology and excellent conditions on the outline is clear: In addition to elegant signs, spectacles itself with a distinctive yellow, red and light gray color, etc. to attract the eyes of the public.

Brand names: CHARMANT
Country of origin: Japan
Producing countries: Japan
Sales Country: all countries in the world
Series goods: glasses
Frame Material: alloy, sheet metal, titanium
Characteristics of goods: CHARMANT is Japan's first maker of proprietary products CHARMANT, exquisite quality, with deep appreciation by the whole world, good design and guide the market trend, the series will also include the development of the applicability of the various sectors of consumption ethnic groups.
In the development of brand, CHARMANT unique design of the current frame towards deeper and more pure, and more in line with the ergonomics and functionality to make the development with a view to reaching an early state of the world.

Material: Some Titanium series, β-Ti series, stainless steel series of high flexibility, high nickel alloy series.
1. Titanium Series: the highest purity, purity 99.99%, which is equivalent to the gold grade in the 24K.
2.β Titanium Series: The only non-nickel-titanium alloy elements, from 75% titanium, 15% barium, 100% aluminum, chromium composition.
3. Highly flexible stainless steel Series: All metal parts are composed of highly flexible stainless steel wire.
4. High-nickel alloy series: Borders monel alloy used to strengthen the hardness, copper-nickel alloy nickel feet legs, flexible fit.
1, Titanium Series, 2, β Titanium Series:
A. Golden, directly in the titanium metal 0.5-micron gold plating.
B. Silver: Titanium color, never fade.
C. Color: titanium by nitrogen processing + electrostatic spraying.
2, the high flexibility of stainless steel series, 4, high nickel alloy series:
A. The Golden Series: 3-micron 0.5 micron layer of palladium.
B. Silver Series: 3-micron layer of palladium
C. Color Series: 3-micron palladium layer + electrostatic spraying, usually to ensure that the plating layer to wear for one year
Do not fall off.
Characteristics: 1. Titanium Series:
A. Light, more than 48% nickel alloy light
B. does not rust
C. do not cause skin allergy
2. Β Titanium Series:
A. Light
B. does not rust
C. do not cause skin allergy
D. better flexibility;
E. mirror shape is more slender, in line with the trend;
3. Highly flexible stainless steel series:
A. there is no screw, hinge design
B. Stainless steel materials, lighter weight and better flexibility, more slender shape, in line with the trend
C. Design of the mechanical spring
4. High-nickel alloy series:
Natural protein material, non-cited skin allergies, anti-skid function, water volatile.

Brand: Chloe '
Designers: Stella McCartney
Brand Introduction:
Stella McCartney on September 13, 1971 was born in London, 15-year-old started for the design of Christian Lacroix in Paris, her first fashion design brand. The field in the fashion industry a "A" performance, she left the fashion industry about a year. In this period of time to leave, she helped Betty Jackson's public relations in the work of Joseph was a very good experience, but also the work of Vogue magazine. In 1991 the completion of basic courses in Ravensbourne, in 1995 she graduated from Central Saint Martins and has made popular the BA degree, but in Central Saint Martins, she found her by a lack of technical education training, so after graduation, she followed that of Saville Row tailor Edward Sexton to work together. (Edward Sexton is a pictorial work of Tommy Nutter cut division) her work is a combination of the last classic lace suit with a masculine style of England and immediately attracted a lot of media and market attention, which makes her a lot of demand the design of immediate arrangements for her production, to supply domestic and foreign customers, including Japan, Tokio & store, Brown & the United Kingdom Brown & London, Joseph, as well as the United States Bergkorf Goodman & Neiman Marcus.
Stella by the impact of the work not only from the Saville Row tailor in the background, but also by the impact of childhood education in light of these experiences, her reaction to the work of the beautiful past and present, will be England's traditional suit with romantic sophistication linen products. Passion beyond her gender, clothing shown is characterized by a gentleman of noble women's sexy at the same time. Stalla's clothing is always age of 60 and 70 masculine feel to suit the technical interpretation of the female costumes, and excited about her new color or rhyming slang in the innovation and the use of usually only in men's clothing can be found in chest camera bag, she usually only give women an additional reservations to the men, she Classic lace and glass buttons of her love for the balance of the masculine and the return to Century Appointment.
Thinking Stella like her co-operation is a fashion wear, sexy and a style now give women the feeling of strength and self-confidence.