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Spectacles are a well established fashion item and the choice of frames is becoming an increasingly important decision for spectacle wearers.

As a specialized manufacturer, we always have some imaginative new designs. There are more than 200 kinds of spectacle frames available now. We make our catalogues as JPG pictures. We can send our catalogues to you by e-mail. It is highly welcome to contact us for spectacle frames. Your fax or e-mail to our sales manager will be with our immediate attention.

The following are some samples of our spectacle frames:

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Choice of frames
In the selection of frames, in addition to price, other than as a standard appearance, with particular attention to the selected frame size and I try to match , because of its direct impact on the intrinsic optical glasses with the quality and wearing comfort.
Recognition of the quality of the main frame may consider the following:
1, the general quality of flexibility in a good frame better.
2, smooth and glossy coating of the better quality frames.
3, smooth solder joints, small and even better quality frames.
4, parts and components for assembling a good closer.
5, circle around a mirror sizes, shapes must be exactly the same, symmetrical nose.
First, frame the aesthetic
Modern frame is a part of fashion and no longer just a medical apparatus. Glasses were put on the glasses, do not want to expose their problems, but we hope the frame to play the role of decoration to cover up the shortcomings of the advantages highlighted.
(A) the shape of
According to the main frame structure of the face determined by the geometry,face shapecan be divided into 6 categories: square, rectangular, circular, inverted heart-shaped and oval. The above classification is not absolute, concreteface shapemay be related to each of these vary, but for the analysis offace shape, very helpful to choose the right frame to highlight the advantages of covering up the shortcomings, gives the feeling of symmetry and balance. For example, wearface shapesquare frame round edges and corners can be eliminated too obvious feeling, the same square frame will add a sense of circular face of the edges and corners.
In other places, a similar phenomenon. For example, is full of people wearing clothes look slim vertical bar, bar wear will be more fat clothes. Who face more round than the straight hair often, increasing the outline of a sense of burning hair is rare.
Frame rate of choice is a basic principle of the frame width and temporal width of the basic line, frame too will be too cumbersome and would increase the aberration lens.
In order to analyze each of the following face:
1) square
Relatively short square face, the more prominent lower jaw lines and edges and corners. We need to note that the square faces of the two features: side, short. The use of a circular frame, especially at the bottom of the round edges and corners of the frame can be reduced feeling is too obvious.
Pull "long" Face it, there are two options:
1. This method the most important: to choose a smaller frame height, frame height too, then will face accounted for the bulk of this face and the feeling is even shorter;
2. If possible, choose a mirror frame high-pin position, the face will appear longer
2) rectangular
And a square face, this personface shapesignificantly lower angular difference is a longer face. We still need to round edges and corners of the frame to ease, but also shorten theface shape.
In contrast with the aforementioned squareface shape: Choose a high degree of large mirror foot location in the middle frame, this frame can take the appropriate part of the face
3) heart-shaped
Heart-shaped face is also called the inverted triangle face, characterized by a wide forehead, prominent cheekbones, a pointed lower jaw narrow. This appearanceface shapeuneven from top to bottom, the upper than the lower part of large and prominent, and would need to wear the appearance of the frame just the opposite, that is wider at the bottom so as to increase the width of the lower half of the face. Mirror will also help lower the foot position to improve the results.
4) heart face down
Feeling of the heart was also uneven face, narrow forehead, the more down to the more wide, so the more prominent lower jaw and wide. This relatively rareface shape, the principle of frames to choose heart-shaped face with the other hand, needs a mirror position feet high, narrow at the bottom of the frame
5) circular
Round face shape with a square face exactly the opposite, so choose to frame the basic principles and a square face exactly the opposite; the need for more obvious edges and corners of the frame to improve the sense offace shapecontour, but also need to use a square face of the "extend" the principle that the use of high low high mirror frame pin position.
6) The oval face
Ideal personface shapeoval face, skeleton is not particularly prominent, and there is no need to hide the obvious shortcomings. But this "ideal" will be derivedface shapethe lack of shape, so the need for applying the principle according to the circumstances "stretched" or "shortening"face shape.
(B) The shape of the nose and eye shape to deal with
The above is the overall appearance of face frame made reference to the principle of choice, but sometimes the details of the aesthetic facial defects in need of special treatment. For example, the nose is too quite, if nose or wear a low double-beam frame, then cover up the shortcomings. Similarly, the frame to put on the high bridge of the nose, small nose can appear larger.
Eyes from the close, the Department can be light-colored nose, foot mirror to gradually become darker in color of the frame. From the other hand from the wide eyes.
Typically, the frame at the top should be parallel and highlyeyebrowsimilar, that is, andeyebrowhigh or slightly higher (such as the frame to fall, at the top should be flush with theeyebrow). If you wear those higheyebrow, select dark frames are better than light-colored, which will highlight the eyebrows and wearing a high, people feel there is another sense of the existence of an eyebrow.
(C) color
It is generally divided into two major categories of colors: orange for the keynote to the warm and cold tone blue color. Most people preferred to match the dress and color, so that character can be displayed.
We have to understand up to choose from an aesthetic point of view frame styles and colors, but a few points to note:
First of all, these are just the basic theory, fashion is always changing, individuals have different tastes, so the desire to help those who wear the most important;
Secondly, also need to consider options other reference frame conditions: the function and feeling, they may have conflicts with the standard fashion.
Another most important thing is just to help us fashion the principle of choice, not an absolute.
Second, frame function
Frame selection function of the factors to consider are two-fold:
(A) the functions of frame disposable lenses
Choice of frame should be taken into account the interaction with the lens: the larger frame size, frame the greater the effective diameter, the greater the required minimum lens blank, cutting edge of the lens after the corresponding corresponding thicker, more serious. Therefore a high degree of lens and aspherical lens, the need for small size, symmetrical, round or square frames, and a long passage on the inappropriate frame. Gradient mirror and you need to frame an appropriate height from the center of the lens pupil circle at the bottom of the vertical distance between trough at least 22 millimeters.
For a single optical lenses, especially non-spherical lenses, frames should be chosen to wear those head-up, the visual axis in the top horizontal line through the center. If the horizontal line through the center point and the anteversion of the distance and 1 mm corresponds to 2 to maintain the relationship between the degree of wear when the optical center line level should be at the center.
Lenses for high astigmatism, need to take into account radial mirror direction of the highest degree. Such as +6.00 / -4.00 * 180 of the lens, need to select the relatively narrow, highly larger frame, larger than the height of frame, so that the edge of the top and bottom of the thickness will not be too thick. And +6.00 / -4.00 * 90 of the lens should be a wider choice, and junior high frame.
(B) the purpose of wear
Choice of frame to consider the purpose of wearing spectacles. Some frames may be suitable for day-to-day wear, but there are special requirements for people who may not be appropriate; and some frames are only suitable for wearing a certain environment.
Third, wear comfort
Choose the right frame when the need to take into account the wear comfort. The impact of wearing comfort factors such as the weight of frames and glasses, which depends not only on the weight of frame materials, but also by the size of frames and lenses, the thickness of the impact. In addition the frame fit the situation will also affect the wearing comfort, the need for a correct choice, adjusting the frame. Frame wearing the importance of comfort can not be ignored, does not complain that frames do not wear more than complain about the issue of vision glasses less.
Fourth, consider
Frame aesthetics, function and wear frame frame selection criteria such as the feeling between the often contradictory aspects of this need to know what the most important, and sometimes even a few Vice-frame to solve the needs of different conflicts.
Of course, in addition to the above, but also the need to frame their own understanding of a certain quality. When a pair of glasses in hand, we should be following to make a point of observation.
(1) look at the surface: as far as possible to choose the surface of clear, shiny, impeccable disease, scratches, bumps, corrosion, peeling off of the mirror legs and so on.
(2) the "identity": the formal frame manufacturers in addition to printing on the item, size, but also printed on the brand.
(3) to see design: the mirror legs open, flat, watching mirror mirror body and the legs are tilted a certain angle, the frame size is the same whether the frame of the symmetrical components, metal frame with flexible legs are spring-like legs, whether the various components work fine.
[Edit this paragraph] maintenance】 【glasses
】 【Eye protection (Chengdu aesthetic Kejian Eye Hospital)
1, one-handed pick wear around frames will destroy the balance, leading to deformation, suggest that you hold a mirror hands on both sides of the legs parallel to the direction along the pick face to wear.
2, taken generally wear first folding mirror left leg, not easy to deformation caused by the frame.
3, it is recommended rinse and towel dry glasses of water, and then test the use of special glasses wiping cloth, wipe the need to hold the side mirror while the frame wire,lenses gently and avoid excessive force caused by the frame or lens damage.
4, do not wear glasses, please use good Add glasses cloth glasses case. If a temporary placement, please convex glasses up, or else spend the lens easy to wear. At the same time, glasses should be avoided with the pest control agent,supplies, cosmetics, hair spray, drug s exposure to corrosive substance, etc., to avoid long-term direct sunlight and high temperature (60 degrees Celsius and above) to place, or easily cause the lens, frames deterioration, degeneration, such as discoloration.
5, regular plastic specialty for the adjustment, frame deformation of the nose and ears will be a burden, the lens is also easy to loose.
6, Do not use in the fierce campaign glasses, to avoid strong shocks lead to broken lens, causing eye and facial injuries; Do not wear lenses used to prevent scattered light cause color vision; Do not look directly at the sun or strong light glare, so as to avoid eye be harmed. ■ clean glasses doorways
The principle of clean glasses is to keep bright clean, grease free, to avoid scratching the lens. Can use a neutral soap or special cleaning agents to clean, wash with water and then wipe with a soft lens tissue paper or dry, and many people are easily picked up衣角, handkerchief and so the habit of cleaning lenses, this is not correct action because the rough material of the lenses scratch easily. Clean the slit between frames, you can use an old soft toothbrush gently scrub to remove dirt.
Collection of glasses to be carefully
Glasses placed to develop the way they fixed the habit of flannel coated lenses first and then frames left and then right frame, in order to prevent the weight of glasses are, glasses can be hard to place collection boxes in the glasses.

Metal frames, except for palladium, nickel, chromium and other materials, the basic benefit has been replaced by metal frames, which shine bright and difficult to fade, highly durable aesthetic favored consumers.

Gold metal frames sub-gold, gold-plated two. Gold frame glasses engraved with the words GF and gold content package, it is the number of thin gold films in the basic materials welding, rolling molding timber for the frames, then frames are made of. At present, this gold frame small market, and prices quite expensive, but it has a hedge against inflation and practical significance. Gold-plated GP glasses engraved with the words shelves, marked with gold at the same time, it is the chemical plating method using gold-plated surface in the frame, the frame engraved with the number of K, is expressed by the number of K gold plating up, rather than K frame itself contains a number of gold, for example, 14KGP, it means that there is a layer of 14K gold plating.

Identification of gold metal frames should be particularly careful. Market, posing as a useful frame-plated yellow gold-plated frame. Yellow-plated frame with gold-plated frame comparison, seem dull bleak, and the use of two or three months, the color of the light faded completely, at the same time frame plating will never yellow with good material. If you need to buy gold metal frames, the frames do not be fooled by K subscript number. In addition, gold-plated mirror when not in use and exposure to toxic gases, do not smoke, do not let the sweat left on the frame, it is necessary to frequently wipe. If used properly, a pair of gilded frames used for more than three years at least.

Marked that the gold: In accordance with the provisions of the International Precious Metals Conference, alloy of gold and the ratio of the weight of 1 / 20 or more products that use GF. 1 / 20 with the following products RGP (Rolled Gold Plate) said.

In addition, the uniform application of marking law, for example, 1 / 20 l2KGF, said metal l2K full weight and the weight of gold is 20 to 1. For example, 1 / 20 12KGF glasses metal part of the weight of 20 grams, the gold content of 0.5 grams. For example, inscribed with the words 40/l000 l2KGF gold frame, including the average thickness of 4um.
How to identify gold metal frames

A space of titanium and titanium alloy materials, was silver-white, because of their light weight, good corrosion resistance, high toughness, high melting point, acid-alkali, high stability, good affinity to human (only a small number of people are allergic to the titanium sexual), by anodizing the surface can be characterized by brilliant colors, from the beginning of the eighties frame applies to the industry.

Titanium frame in the early processing of titanium-based; In order to improve the processing of titanium in strength, flexibility and other properties, such as welding to join aluminum, vanadium, molybdenum, ho, and other elements, forming a titanium alloy. Although titanium is very difficult process technology, but its high value-added, it is the current fashion trends, is now widely used in aircraft frames and metal surface treatment.

Pure titanium is the composition of more than 99%. Pure material in machining, welding, plating, etc., there are some difficulties, so that the application of titanium has been limited. Titanium frame in the price and there is a wide gap between the titanium frame, in order to prevent unscrupulous businessmen to act as a titanium frame titanium frame, consumers can refer to the following differential presentation. Titanium frames, according to the type of the use of titanium parts were etched with the initials on the frame on the form of general foot in a mirror.

Titanium frame for frame + Titan-P, or Ti-P PURE TITANIUM

Titanium frame for the Front-Titan-P or F-Ti-P

Titanium foot mirror for Temple-Titan-P or T-Ti-P

Titanium frame for frame + Titan-C or Ti-C

Titanium frame for Front-Titan-C or F-Ti-C

Titanium alloy pin for mirror Temple-Titan-C, or T-Ti-C

How to choose, use and maintenance of spectacles, not only of interest to many consumers feel confused the issue further. To help consumers better choice, use and maintenance of glasses, a little common sense to do some presentation for reference.

The choice of glasses for the United States in an increasingly age, glasses have not only the function of vision correction, eye protection, but also a beautiful face, so the choice of glasses, in addition to the quality to strive for excellence, but also the need to strive to design beautiful, with their face with well-to shine, add to the charm.

Despite people's faces were varied, but in general can be summed up as a long, square, round and sharp type and so on. Face different optical models when there are not. Is on the face should be the choice of different style frames to do a little introduction:

1. Men to face: should be similar to a square matching frames, not selected flat-type frame.

2. Sharp short men face: glasses should be selected a narrow lap top than the bottom of the frame, rather than flat-type frame selection.

3. Rectangular face of men: the election should be a high degree of optical ring frame longer, that is highly similar to a large rectangular frame of the wealthy.

4. Men short side face: should be similar to complex-type matching, such as temporal than nasal stigma for high frame.

5. Men round face: Matching should be flat or pear-shaped frame, not too round selection of the frame side too.

6. Women face a short side: flat rectangular frame should be matching, so as not to reduce the visual length.

7. Women oval face: should be matching any style of frame, but it need not be straight-line frame, that is, not too much of the frame is too flat.

8. Rectangular women face: should be matching with the edges and corners of the frame similar to a square, circle mirror may be higher height, and too long in the face.

9. Women face type: in principle, to avoid using any very obvious features of the frame should be slightly flat-matching type of frame a little Alice, not too round or straight-line selection of frames.

10. Women face a sharp short: the election should be more upside down optical narrow circle, and a high degree of small bend-type glasses, in order to increase the visual length of the face.


Although many frame styles, it is dazzling, but careful analysis, only three basic types, rectangular, circular, an oval. Vary due to face, oval face the general people who are suitable for various types, and round or square face, choose the best pear-shaped frame (highlighted vertical line), triangular face choices are generally round or wear oval frames.

Frames according to different combinations of materials and processing system can be divided into:

1. Plastic frame: the characteristics of light, easy processing, deformation at room temperature is not, generally low prices.

2. Metal frame: the characteristics of strong, light, beautiful, is the most commonly used frame.

3. Mixed frame (plate): that is, mixed with metals and plastics are made, that is, a solid metal frame, and also easily processed into a variety of shapes.

4. Drawbench aircraft: a bottomless box with a nylon line embedded in the bottom of the lens.

5. Frameless: No frame, with only the nose and the mirror angle, the higher Ya.

SAFILO Italy is the world's No. 2 manufacturer of brand-name glasses. Authorize the production of well-known brands such as: Dior, GUCCI, Giorgio Armani, Emporio Armani, YSL, MaxMara, HugoBoss, VALENTINO, MARC JACOBS, DIESTL and so on.
LUXOTTICA Italy is the world's No. 1 manufacturer of brand-name glasses. Authorize the production of well-known brands such as: Chanel, Prada, Miu Miu, D & G, Dolce & Gabbana, Ferragamo, Versace, Versus Donna, Karan, Bulgari, DKNY, Genny, Moschino, RayBan, Byblos, Burberry, Anne Klein and so on.
DERIGO can be ranked No. 3 manufacturer of brand-name glasses. License production of its brand name is well-known line. Including LOEWE, CELINE, GIVENCHY. Second-tier brands have PLLICE, FURLA, there's first-line brands such as Ermenegildo Zegna, ESCADA, TOMMY HILFIGER
ALLISON Italy is also a relatively large company, authorized the production of the well-known brands such as: FERRE, ICEBERG, MISSON, DUNHILL, CERRUTI 1881, VIVIENNE WESTWOOD, EXTE, etc..
Authorized production ESTEDE brand CHOPARD, DUPONT, GP

Authorized production MARCHON brand FENDI, CK, NIEK

Authorized production MARCOLIN brand JUST CAVALLI, ROBERTO CAVALL, REPLAY, including a more popular brand is the original design by GUCCI named director of the Tom Ford brand glasses.

Authorized production VISIBILIA brand TRUSSARDI, LAURA BIAGIOTTI, BLUMARINE and so on.
SAFILO produced by the Italian company's glasses, more of such patents Optyl selected material (resin). Than the weight of its plastic light box for 20 ~ 30% of this material and compared to traditional thermoplastics have excellent polishing surface, the Symphony will have a unique color, but also more resilient and not easily deformed. Optyl frame is easy to identify, and its legs foot box does not have a general need to increase the anti-plastic deformation and increase in strength of the metal used, and will be marked at the bottom of the mirror legs Optyl words. Thermal processing of such materials and polishing a molding process and equipment for very large inputs.

Whether SAFILO, ALLISON Or LUXOTTICA, in sunglasses technology and quality lenses are leading. Most lenses are multi-filter, can effectively block harmful ultraviolet rays of the eyes. Some big box style lenses using ultra-thin ceramic technology is applied to the lens so that the lenses of irregular shape with a perfect combination of frame. The greatest view, but also to avoid dizziness. It is worth mentioning that ALLISON, manufacturers prefer the innovative application of metallic materials such as metal palladium, ruthenium or even a special bronze, the material is not only light weight and does not make the wearer allergies, can be used alone or mixed use, and can and the combination of leather products. Adding cellulose acetate, can also have the effect of fabric. The disadvantage is that not more than ALLISON style production.


Style SAFILO04 years later, there will be no production of Austria, mainly in Italy, Health, in addition to the majority of titanium optical glasses SAFILO origin is Japan. That is because the titanium alloy processing technology is the world's best in Japan. SAFILO therefore the majority of its brands on the Japanese production of titanium glasses. SAFILO there's MaxMara and Buberry (07 years of production LUXOTTICA changed) This part of the two brand sunglasses section 05,06 of origin is China. LUXOTTICA some brand in Japan, the production of glasses, such as Dolce & Gabbana, but the number of optical glasses, sunglasses little Japanese. RayBan applications because more metal, some sunglasses production in Japan.